Fabric Roof Re-proofing

Ultra-proofing - Restoring the protective surface barrier

Most new soft-tops (fabric or vinyl) are usually chemically treated at the time of manufacturing to repel water and contamination such as bird droppings and tree sap (think of it as 'Scotchguard' for the roof). Over time and with exposure of the roof to the elements, causes the protective layer to gradually wear off, thus leaving it vulnerable to pre-mature fading and staining.


If your car is more than 6 months old (about 10 for cars with low usage), our Ultra Proofing service can help in restoring this protective layer using similar products and techniques that are used at the time of their production. Not only can this help in making sure that the roof on your vehicle looks great for longer but it can also help in maximizing its re-sale value.


If roof requires cleaning before application this will be an additional charge of £20



Top Tip!

Not sure if it is time for your soft-top to be re-protected? Watch out for signs of small puddles or water spots after a rain-shower. If the soft-top is not beading water as it previously did, it is a sign that the protection has worn off.



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