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Valet Centre currently maintains and valets a whole range of small light aircraft, our aviation operators are specifically trained to work on aircraft around sophisticated avionics in all environments, outside or hangered. Our operators are particularly experienced in low pressure washing, machine polishing and bright-work. Valet Centre is equally skilled at restoring or maintaining the interior of aircraft up to the highest possible standard, we also have access to protective chemicals that fully protect all interior surfaces and all exterior and cockpit chemicals are aviation certified.


Example Prices

  External Wash Polish Internal Valet Full Valet Amazing Glaze
Bell Jet Ranger £80 £160 £40  £250  £150

Citationjet (CJ1)

£90 £180 £50  £300  £300

King Air 350



£65  £350  £400

Falcon 50

£200 £300 £80  £500  £400

Gulfstream U

£250 £380 £150  £650  £1000



Unfortunately we cannot valet inside the engine housing or certain aspects of the landing gear, for maintenance of these areas please contact an aircraft technician or the manufacturer.


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