Vehicle Buffing


This service is specifically to deal with problems such as dull and faded paintwork, swirl marks, micro-scratch's, light scuffs, key scratches, damage caused by bird droppings and minor vandalism on exterior paintwork.

Advanced Buffing

Bird Dropping Stain Removal


Bird droppings contain corrosive compounds that can etch your paintwork leaving nasty stains. We can improve (70% or more) or remove these stains my means of wet sanding the effected area and then buffing it with a rotary buffer. This kind of repair can also be used for other forms of stain such those caused by egg, acid and chemical burns. It may also be possible to remove or improve the appearance of deeper scratches with this method depending on how deep they are.



Paintwork Correction for deeper scratches


In the case of key scratches, often they are only deep in places so that it is possible to remove a percentage of the length of the scratch. Other areas which are a bit deeper can be reduced, meaning that while the scratch still remains, by buffing it and softening the edges it is far less noticeable, especially in areas below the level of the door handles. Any remaining areas can be touched in and polished, also making them less visible.


There is no magic answer for key scratches - we cannot make all of them invisible but we can often make such a significant improvement that when weighing the costs, our service is preferable to a respray.

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Removes very light swirl marks & fine scratches to revive, add gloss & depth to paintwork.



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